What we are

Fragrance has a great power; it arouses emotions, desires, memories and reliefs which lead to peace of mind . Such is the influence of perfume, which brings serenity to mind and that's how it adheres to the culture.

Limra Perfumes Industry was established in June 2015. The company's manufacturing is based in Ajman, United Arab Emirates

With a team of highly experienced and skilled staff, the company's manufacturing unit is now selling in the gulf countries and continuously growing to serve creative and innovative perfume with high quality fragrance

We create and deliver innovative products thus catering to the need of our customers spread across the region. We employ best method and practice to meet quality in our products.

There is no substitute for quality ingredients. It's our goal for all perfume to be made from the highest quality ingredients that are ethically sourced.

We can fill and pack different varieties of Oriental and French Fragrance oils, Perfume Sprays and Deodorants.

Our main aim is to provide prompt service and supply standard quality material at a very reasonable price.

We know what we do well and are always determined to do it better.


We are globally recognized as a leading provider of fragrances, as well as sensorial and nutritional solutions for the perfume.

We combine our knowledge about consumer's ever-changing needs with creativity and ground-breaking technologies. In doing so, we concentrate on the development of solutions that provide our customers with added value.


We possess a unique value-adding portfolio and are the most successful company in the industry

We challenge the status quo and constantly explore new ideas.

This enables us to perform at our highest levels and set new standards.

We provide our customers with innovations and inspirations that fulfill our promise of always inspiring more...


Our values describe the attitude and the cooperation to which we commit ourselves at Limra. They give us guidance and explain how we achieve our goals. Using specified guidelines they determine our thinking and action in everyday business.

Creativity is our driver of innovations with which we bring our claim of always inspiring more to life.

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